How to Go into a New Semester More Prepared Than Batman (Ep. 172)

The new semester is upon us, and with it comes a clean slate: a chance to explore and grow, make up for old mistakes, top last semester’s GPA, or just have more fun.

Unfortunately for students and New Year’s resolutioners alike, good intentions aren’t usually enough to make things happen. So what can we do to increase the chances of success?

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How to Boost Your Happiness and Hirability with Extracurriculars (Ep. 170)

We’ve talked on this podcast before about the benefits of going beyond your classwork — Tom started College Info Geek and went to business clubs, I had my language blog and built websites.

But what about clubs in general? Is juggling club worth having, or is it a frivolous waste of time? Which clubs can bolster your resume if you don’t want anything to do with computers, suits, or ties?

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Hack Your Task Management with Trello

Back in March, I left my old friend, Wunderlist, for someone else. This someone went on to help me organize my 26+ Wunderlist lists with the greatest of ease and make my life much more manageable.

This someone was Trello – a task management system available free for web browsers, iOS, Android, and Windows 8. You can also install Trello on your MacBook as a Fluid app.

Being an avid fan of both Wunderlist and Wunderkit during its short life, I was hesitant about yet again transferring all of my tasks over to a new system – after all, spending all of your time planning out how to spend all of your time simply doesn’t make any sense.

Luckily for me, the move was worth it. I quickly fell in love with Trello and saw the temptress that is organized productivity in a new light.

Tom already sang praises for Wunderlist in one of his giant collections of college tips for what it can do to help you organize your life. So what exactly does Trello have to offer, and why did I choose it over Wunderlist?

Let’s find out.
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How To Take Notes With A Smartphone And Gain Zen Master-Level Focus

Classes are back, and they’re bringing with them a slew of information that you may be accustomed to keeping in the form of notes. You may even, if you’re generally awesome at things, be keeping these notes in Evernote, taking advantage of the many beauties of searchable data.

Perhaps, though, you’re not. Why is this? Maybe:

  • You don’t have a laptop
  • You’re not comfortable taking your precious laptop to class
  • You’re already carrying around 5,000 books and don’t want to destroy your spine

I happen to fall under the last two. I use my laptop to record my music, and risking my ability to record music every day isn’t exactly enticing. It’s also extra weight I certainly don’t need on my back, with the amount of coursework I’m taking this semester.

Luckily, there is an easier solution for note-taking that adds almost no weight, is much more replaceable, and brings a few other benefits your laptop wouldn’t have. 

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Better Health, More Focus, Mind Powers… My Vegan Diet Experiment

Near the end of January, some friends and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, a documentary about a man’s ambition to juice fast for sixty days. Now, I have no desire to lose weight, so I was not inspired to juice fast. I need my food.

However, I did take note that Joe was eating a lot more fruits and vegetables than me. In fact, I’m pretty sure my main source of plant intake was applesauce, which, while delicious, is definitely not going to give me all of the plant-based nutrients I need to be at optimum health.

But where would I start? Being a meat, bread, and potato eater for twenty-one years, how would I best find the fruits and vegetables I liked, and truly bring change to my diet?

Simple: by forcing myself to eat the complete opposite of everything I had eaten before. To do this, I decided that I would try and follow a vegan diet for an entire month.

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