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5 Questions: Writing Fiction, Binging TV Shows, and Self-Help Books (Ep. 295)

We’re back with another 5 questions episode, where we take questions from Twitter (Thomas | Martin), Instagram (Thomas | Martin), email, the College Info Geek Community on Reddit, and from anywhere else we might find them.

This time, we’re looking into these fine questions:

  • What is your consumption-to-production ratio?
  • I like to write fiction (lyrics, poetry, sometimes stories) but I find that I can only maintain the energy to write for very short periods of time, because I quickly feel drained and exhausted mentally. How can I overcome this?
  • How do I stop binging so much TV without giving up my favorite shows?
  • I’ve been offered an internship at a company that wants to hire me after graduation, but the work is unrelated to what I’m studying. Is it a good idea to take advantage of this offer, or would it be better to make sure my first job is related to my major?
  • What are your thoughts on other YouTubers who have said that they don’t think self-help books are worth anything?

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:00:00 – Banter
  • 0:15:32 – Consumption-to-production ratio
  • 0:31:43 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:34:26 – Sponsor: Skillshare (Learning new skills)
  • 0:37:04 – Getting the energy to write
  • 0:48:14 – Balancing your media consumption
  • 0:53:42 – Accepting a job not related to your major
  • 1:00:07 – Opinions on self-help books
  • 1:14:51 – Conclusion

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