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When to Be Unproductive (Ep. 292)

This may be weird to hear coming from us, but sometimes, it’s not the time to #HustleCrushIt.

With all the productivity focus on the internet, I wanted to take a moment so we could collectively remember that we’re alive. That’s already interesting without accomplishments to brag about, so we should make sure to embrace it from time to time. Otherwise, we’ll end up burnt out when we needed that productive energy the most.

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:05:18 – Having long-term goals and not needing to impress people
  • 0:14:52 – What have we been doing recently
  • 0:23:34 – Sponsor: Skillshare (Learning new skills)
  • 0:25:45 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:27:47 – What exactly is productivity
  • 0:33:48 – Balancing work with your personal life
  • 0:42:12 – Holding yourself accountable and picking up new hobbies
  • 0:50:24 – Thinking you’re not allowed to take a break
  • 0:56:40 – Conclusion

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