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Learn how to be a more effective student, even while you’re doing your laundry. The College Info Geek Podcast features in-depth, actionable advice for boosting your productivity, earning better grades, paying off your student loans, and more.

The College Info Geek Podcast has graduated!

After doing 300 episodes of The College Info Geek podcast, we've shifted over to our new podcast, The Inforium. We'll still be focusing on several of the same areas as before, but we've moved out from under the college label to add a bit more flexibility to what we can talk about.

Since we're using the same feed as before, the only difference you'll see is that the episode numbers start over with new thumbnail art, and show notes for new episodes will be found over here. You can still find all 300 episodes of The College Info Geek Podcast in your favorite podcast app by simply swiping or scrolling back to past episodes. Thanks for listening!

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The End: Reflections on the CIG Podcast (And What Comes Next) (Ep. 300)

The time has come to say goodbye to the CIG Podcast and hello to The Inforium. We reflect on what we've learned from 300 episodes of podcasting.