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How much time did you spend procrastinating today?

It doesn’t matter how smart you are; if you can’t get yourself to buckle down and actually do your work, you’ll never achieve your goals. Of course, the portion of your brain that’s focused on the long term knows this well – but it doesn’t always steer the ship. Social media sites, cat videos, and random urges to Google “how much does a chimp bench press” often put your short term-focused lizard brain at the helm, breaking your concentration and destroying your productivity in the process.

This collection of resources will help you to fight against those distractions, improve your actual ability to focus, and boost your overall productivity. The end goal: Accomplish more in less time. If you can master your productivity, you can get a ton of stuff done and still have free time left over every single day.

Best Tools and Apps to Keep You Productive

Stay Motivated and Build Self-Discipline

Make the Most of Your Time

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Building habits isn’t just about discipline; there are real-world steps you can take to set yourself up for success! In this course, you'll learn how to set realistic goals, handle failure without giving up, and get going on the habits you want in your life.

Attain Unbreakable Focus

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