The Complete List of Video Game Soundtracks on Spotify

So, you’re a gamer and you love listening to game soundtracks. You probably know the best places to get your game soundtrack fix – YouTube for official stuff, and OverClocked Remix for the remixes. But what about Spotify?

I switched over to using Spotify as my main music player a few months ago, due to its huge library, ease of use, and awesome mobile app. However, one of the things I noticed was that I couldn’t find a lot of my favorite video game soundtracks in the Spotify library. Maybe you’ve noticed the same thing.

I’ll come out and say it: Spotify is missing quite a few prominent video game soundtracks – particularly anything Japanese. However, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the game soundtrack department. On the contrary – it’s got quite the selection.

I spent more hours than I care to divulge looking for video game soundtracks on Spotify – what resulted is this playlist. I’ll make a bold claim here – this is the most comprehensive list of video game music on Spotify that you’re going to find. I plan on updating this guide frequently as new soundtracks are released, so keep an eye on it if you want to stay up to date. Read More…

Need More Music? Check Out College Info Geek Radio!

Alright ladies, gents, bros, hos, kids, tools, and caffeine-addicted computer nerds who only read the first few sentences of my articles before going to 4chan… I have a confession to make.

After being a long-time Grooveshark user, I’ve recently switched to using Spotify. Why? Well, to be honest, the only thing Grooveshark has going for it is an abundance of music that nobody else (other than YouTube) has. I liked Grooveshark for a long time because it’s got lots of video game soundtracks, anime music, and other obscure stuff that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

However, the site itself is incredibly disorganized. After doing some research for an upcoming (and much-needed) update to my streaming music site guide, I’ve decided that Spotify will suit my needs much better.

Though it may not have quite as much music as Grooveshark, Spotify does literally everything else better. It’s much better organized, runs smoother, and has a much, much better mobile app.

Anyway, enough about Spotify. I’ll wax poetic about its awesomeness again when I actually get that streaming music post updated. Today I want to talk to you about something else, and that’s College Info Geek Radio. Read More…

Study Music: Martin Boehme – “The Gloom EP”

Alright, we’re back to weekly music reviews!

I have a pretty big list of albums I want to review in the coming weeks, but I’ve just got to start with a release from one of our very own writers – Martin Boehme! (check out his archive if you haven’t read his stuff yet)

You may not know it, but aside from being a writer, Martin is also a rapper and a linguist. Both of those talents are utilized on his first rap EP, The Gloom. 

Note: I originally posted this review up on SputnikMusic. I felt that it should be posted here too, because Martin’s new album is awesome.

The rise of the internet has done so much to break down stereotypes in music. When I was a kid, the fact that a prominent rapper like Eminem was a white guy was seen as somewhat of an oddity. Now, something like that seems like no big deal – people of all different races, ages, and cities are making and sharing music with the world, all thanks to miles of Cat5 and routers.

Due to this phenomenon, you may not be surprised that a white college kid who’s never been outside of Iowa and Nebraska can release a rap EP that seamlessly blends English and Spanish lyrics and flows better than what many east and west coast rappers have to offer. It certainly doesn’t surprise me. It does, however, keep me coming back for repeated listens.

Read More…

Study Music: “Homestuck Vol. 9”

The talented segment of one of the world’s biggest (and often most annoying) fandoms are at it again: they’ve released yet another Homestuck album.

Back in December of last year, I reviewed Volume 8 of the Homestuck soundtrack series, and found it to be quite awesome indeed. Does Volume 9 match up?

The college info geek says… indeed it does.

Homestuck Volume 9 is yet another triumph in indie electronic music. While I don’t read (play?) Homestuck at all, I’m sure the creator and the fanbase would be proud.

Volume 9 seems to be slightly more biased toward chiptune music than the last outing, and takes a lot of inspiration from video games – both classic and neo-classic. Read More…

Study Music: 30 Epic Space Jam Mash-Ups

Oh, you were expecting an expertly curated collection of sophisticated, elegant music to accompany long days out in the summer sun? Sorry bro.

You get Space Jam remixes instead. And you’ll be grateful for it! Seriously, the Space Jam theme song is awesome. It’s one the best pump-up songs ever invented. Why else would the citizens of the internet go to the trouble of making so many remixes? It’s just amazing.

So, in honor of this song’s awesomeness, I present to you not 10, not 17, but 30 of the best Space Jam mash-ups that the web has to offer. Enjoy. Read More…

Study Music Feature: 25 Amazing Typographical Music Videos

Alright, I’m finally posting something music-related!

Raise your hand if you agree: most music videos are “meh” at best, and at worst just bad. Very few are great.

However, there’s a new type of music video I’ve been seeing lately that I’m really liking: typography videos. These are basically lyric videos, except that someone took the time and considerable effort to make them look good. Really, really good.

So, I decided to scour the internet and come up with a big playlist of the best ones I could find. And, for your viewing and listening pleasure, I’ve posted them here!

As of this posting, the list is 25 videos strong. However, since this is literally just an embedded YouTube playlist, I’ll be adding more as I find them.

You can view them in the widget below, or you can watch the playlist on YouTube. Read More…

Energetic Music: Hands Like Houses – “Ground Dweller”

I have been waiting so friggin’ long for this album it’s not even funny. And now that it’s out, I find myself doing my first ever preemptive review… 

By that, I mean I haven’t even finished listening to the album yet. I’m on, like, track 5 right now. Holy shit, they just broke out bongo drums and acoustic guitar and then led into choir vocals.

I realize I’m rambling, and I don’t really care. I think it’s a testament to how excellent a band is when I say that, even with all the amazing bands I’ve seen LIVE here at SXSW this week, this has gotten me more excited than anything else.

Alright, so at risk of setting the world record for longest review intro without a mention of the band’s name… this is a [preemptive] review of Ground Dweller, the debut album of Australian band Hands Like Houses. I’ll sum it up right quick – this is the best alternative rock album that’s been released all year. Read More…

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