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Study Music: The Acoustic Playlist

First off: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully you’re chilling with your family right now and catching up. Maybe you’re horrifying them with your newfound political expertise and presenting your obvious solution for fixing all the world’s problems that you came up with while napping in Political Science 101.

Either way, I hope you’re enjoying the break.

Of course, with a break comes the inevitable assignments professors give you to “fill all that down time”. I know I’ve got at least one big assignment to do, so I’m sure some of your have your own crap you’ll have to make time for.

In preparation for these assignments, I’ve created a cool acoustic playlist to keep your ears entertained.

This is my “vocal” acoustic playlist, meaning all the songs have lyrics to them (I’m building one without lyrics and I’ll release that in the future).

Some of the songs are covers, and others are originals. Check it out, and hopefully you can get those Thanksgiving projects done quickly!