Study Music: Children of Nova – “The Complexity of Light”

Sometimes you just have to ditch the simple, happy acoustic study playlists and go for something truly epic. Well, if that time is now for you, then Children of Nova is the band you should be listening to. These San Diego-based rockers have created a truly awesome EP with The Complexity of Light – which, actually, is long enough that it probably should be considered a full length.

The Complexity of Light is filled with lots of complex guitar lines, layered soundscapes, and vocals that will challenge your definition of “singing high” yet somehow remain beautiful instead of getting annoying. The EP draws influence from a number of different bands, such as Coheed & Cambria, Closure in Moscow, and The Mars Volta; however, it has enough original ideas flowing through it to avoid being derivative.

One great thing about the band’s sound is how you can actually hear the bassist among the fray. Most bands in the indie/prog rock scene tend to make their bassist an afterthought, which means you basically never hear the bass. Children of Nova are an exception to this rule.

Teo’s vocals are another highlight (depending on your opinion) – as I stated above, they will at times challenge your definition of “high”. His falsetto truly is impressive; the only band I can think of who may equal the highs on this album is In Aviate. For an example of this, check out the middle of “Arcaedion”.

The Complexity of Light is a concept album, I believe; the lyrics seem to tell a story. This is definitely an album that should be listened to all the way through, as the songs complement each other, flow into each other, and pretty much form a singular work. That’s not to say you can’t listen to individual tracks – I’ve actually picked two that aren’t consecutive for the streaming sample – but it’s worth it to listen to the whole thing.

If you like what you hear in the sample, pick up this album on Amazon (seriously, it’s like $6) and Like these guys on Facebook.

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