Energetic Music: Breakdown Of Sanity – “Mirrors”

This week’s album review was written by Nick Kelly, whose distinctions include being a freshman at ISU, being in a band, and being my cousin. 

Like Parkway Drive? Good. Like Korn? Awesome! Like dubstep? Even better! Like random Barack Obama samples? Then Breakdown of Sanity is the perfect band for you. The unsigned 5-piece from Bern, Switzerland just self-released (meaning without label backing) their newest album, Mirrors, in April, and it fits the “energetic” title perfectly.

The record itself consists of 14 tracks, one of which being the intro I stated above, and two slower interludes (“Mary”, being completely acoustic, and “Jnana”, half acoustic and half electric intro into the next track). Each track is unique and creative in its own respect. Although the songwriting seems a bit sporadic at first, everything flows nicely and nothing feels out of place. The guitar style is typical metalcore/hardcore for the most part, including many breakdowns (haha, very punny) and chugs, but these guys are not limited by their genre. There are two amazing solos (“Infest” and “December”) and there are countless intricate works included in each song. Vocally, Carlo is a genius. He can do everything from sing (“Deadline” the songs in which he also gets all Jonathon Davis on us (Korn)) to scream highs and lows with the best of them. Drum work on this album honestly made me speechless the first time through. Tom has to be the child of a metronome and a robot. He could compete with Adam Gray (Texas In July) and Matt Greiner (August Burns Red) any day.

Production-wise, no album I have ever listened to has topped this. Everything is mixed great, nothing is drowned out by the other (unless you listen to the never-ending bass drops on speakers made of duct tape) and tones are all spot on. The guitar is straight digital, but for a band as hard-hitting as BoS, any natural amp tone wouldn’t seem like enough. Although there are many bass drops, they never feel overused. Other technologies such as vocal delays and reverse snares are also placed in spots that greatly call for it and really add to everything as a whole. The samples included in the tracks are also very cleverly placed, from the “goodbye” in “When Silence Breaks” to Barack Obama’s famous “Yes we can!” in “Infest”, they are sure to make you smile. Hopefully.

All in all, this is an album I will probably never stop listening to. This band definitely deserves a lot more attention than what they receive, and I hope they continue to pursue a deal. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed my post; give this album a listen, and rock out with your dog out. \m/

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Nick Kelly is a freshman at Iowa State University studying business and music technology. When he's not studying, he plays bass in the hardcore band Pressing Forward.

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