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Study Album Of The Week: maybeshewill – “I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone”

Ok, so I’ve really been getting into post-rock lately. Call me obsessed, but the genre’s great musicianship, layered compositions, and general lack of vocals tend to be things I want to have when choosing music for my ridiculously busy life. Two weeks ago, I featured sleepmakeswaves, an up-and-coming band who definitely offer some of the best post-rock out there. This week I’m turning my eye to the band they’re most often compared to. Another band that opts for the no-spaces-no-capitalization approach to their name, maybeshewill offers a similar blend of layered, driving post-rock that eschews some of the genre’s less-than-desirable qualities (unlike some bands).

Whereas sleepmakeswaves focuses more on power in their music, maybeshewill seems to focus more on bringing an element of beauty into their own. Piano and violin passages make up just as much of this album as guitar parts do, and often the three instruments mix together to create something truly special. Much of the album is comprised of these layered, calming, and beautiful sections that are perfect for studying.

That’s not to say maybeshewill doesn’t ever go all epic – on the contrary, I was Here for a Moment, then I was Gone features quite a few inspiring climaxes during its 10-track duration. In fact, the second track culminates with one of the best on the album.

The album also used electronic elements to great effect – again, I’ll cite the climax of the second track as an example. This album beautifully pulls together so many elements, and in the process, maybeshewill prove that they can pack more into a post rock record than almost any other band. That’s really saying something, given that the album spans a mere 44 minutes, whereas most post-rock albums stretch to an hour or more. It’s all prime cut and no fat, and it’s supremely enjoyable.

Check out the four songs I’ve posted and let me know what you think. You can stream the entire album at their Bandcamp page, and you can buy the album there in any format you want as well. If you like these guys, support them by Liking their Facebook page!