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Study Music: Transit – “Listen And Forgive”

Rise Records’ new-comers Transit just released their debut album Listen & Forgive on October 4th, and they bring a new meaning to the term “pop-punk”. I have to admit, I’m not a huge listener to this style, but this record is definitely catchy and could easily calm me down after watching an MMA fight. If anyone listened to them before this release, they would probably be unfamiliar with this new sound. Listen definitely has a softer direction than their previous releases on other labels, which makes it a perfect fit for a study album.

Like any indie-rock/pop-punk band, the guitar is full of delay/reverb/flange/every other effect possible, and being a guitar player myself, I notice these immediately. Transit uses these features very effectively throughout the album. Songs do get somewhat repetitive in this aspect, but not to a point where it gets annoying. The drumwork on this album is actually done very well. With most bands in this genre you just see simple beats being pounded (or tapped) through each song, which can get old very fast, whereas the drums in this album vary quite widely, which also helps to take away from the repetitive instrumentals. Vocally, we have no legends here, but they both fit the sound perfectly (both guitarists also do vocals). It has a nasally sound, likely deriving from the punk roots, mixed with the feeling and range of a more poppy singer. The lyrics are also very well written in my opinion and avoid any cliche patterns that you see in a lot of other mainstream bands.

The album is produced and mixed very well. Vocals at times can be a little overpowering, but nothing to complain about. If anything, it is overproduced. I like my pop-punk to be a little more down and dirty or raw sounding.

These guys are often linked to heavier bands, both because they are signed to the home of bands such as Legend, For the Fallen Dreams, and Miss May I, but they’ve also toured with bands such as The Ghost Inside. But, if you are looking for something a little lighter to wake up to in the morning, a change of pace for the afternoon, or a slow down before bed, this quintet from Boston is a perfect fit.

Check out the sample playlist in this post, and pick up the album if you like it. If you want to support the band further, like them on Facebook!