Study Album Of The Week: Sleepmakeswaves – “…And So We Destroyed Everything”

Absolutely breathtaking. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my first experience listening to …and so we destroyed everything, the purposely-lowercase titled debut LP from Australian post-rockers sleepmakeswaves (also purposely lowercase, and without spaces). I’ve never been much into post-rock in the past, but listening to this album has certainly changed my mind about the genre.

…and so we destroyed everything is a sprawling, musically diverse journey through a soundscape painted with sweeping electric guitar passages, epic buildups, lots of delay effects, and some surprises you might not expect, like a choir here and there. This album is certainly rooted in post-rock, but unlike many post-rock albums, it stays fresh and changes things up often instead of sticking to that same old formula of buildups, climaxes, and calm sections. It makes use of a lot of electronic effects and varied instruments to create something truly unique.

Out of all the parts of this album, though, the ones I like most are the climaxes. There are quite a few in the album, and sleepmakeswaves knows how to completely pack them with emotion and power. A great example can be found around the 3:30 mark of “a gaze blank and pitiless as the sun”, a point at which the band erupts in a fury of guitar and drums, creating a huge wall of sound.

My absolute favorite climax of the album can be found around the 4:30 mark of the epic 12-minute closer, “…And So We Destroyed Everything”. It really just has to be heard.

and so we destroyed everything

As it stands, …and so we destroyed everything is my favorite post-rock album. There are some that come close to the same level, but none that can actually match it in my book. sleepmakeswaves has created a masterpiece with this album, and you need to listen to it.

Check out the sample tracks in the playlist above, and buy the album on BandCamp if you so desire. You should also support these guys on Facebook so they can continue making amazing music.

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