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Energetic Music: Dat Rap Playlist

A common quote I hear thrown around my best friends’ apartment is, “Yo, 50 in the house”. I think Martin says this because it’s utterly stupid and makes absolutely no sense, but I’ve got to give it some credit; it inspired me to get out of my rock bubble and try to find some good rap and hip hop. Yo, not gonna lie, I found some damn good stuff. Like, this playlist be off da hook.

Uh, so being grammatically correct while talking like a gangsta-ass baller is kinda hard, but level with me here. It’s, like, 11:09 right now and writing is haaaaaarrrrrddddd. Gotta keep up the motivation levels somehow, and I’ve chosen to do it by entertaining myself with utterly stupid writing. Not to worry, though; I’m easily the smartest person in this apartment right now as the rest of the people here are creating literally the stupidest, most unprofessional gameplay video I’ve ever heard. We’ll probably publish it for all the world to see soon.

Oh yeah, rap. So, when I set out to create this rap playlist, I pretty much had one criteria: the songs couldn’t be all about OH LOOK AT HOW MUCH CRAP I OWN, HEY LET’S DO ALL THE DRUGS AND RIDE LOWS WIT MY HOMIES AND ALL THE HO’S, WORD UP WE GONNA PARTY AND CAP SOME ASSES YO. So, basically I had to throw out everything MTV had to offer.

However, I discovered a little-known rap underworld teaming with talent, great beats, and insightful lyrics. Not everything here is nice – it might not be safe for work and it’s probably not safe for grandma. I’ve aimed to make it not completely explicit, but the fact remains that it’s not perfect and you should make sure you’re grown up enough to hear bad words before diving into this playlist.

Anyway, yo, check it out and let me know what you like or what sucks. Yeah. Word.