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Study Music Roundup: Resources For Voracious Listeners

Are you ready for an album review that will BLOW YOUR FREAKIN’ SHOES TO THE MOON?

Ha, well, sorry about that. I’m not doing one today. Fear not – I haven’t run out of ideas or anything. I actually have a big list of albums I can’t wait to review, but unfortunately this week has been just a bit too busy and I haven’t had time to properly sit down and review one.

To make up for it, I’ve decided to link you guys to some of the resources I use to find all this great music, as well as to dig back into the archives for those of you who are newer readers. Who knows – this might be even more useful than a review if you’re looking for a lot of new material!

A reminder – you can use my huge guide to streaming music websites to sample anything that interests you.

Dig Into Our Archives

I’ve been doing music reviews and features for 36 straight weeks now, so there’s actually a lot of stuff right here on College Info Geek you might find interesting. Since this is a Study Music week, I’ll link to some of my favorite mellow stuff. There’s also a lot of more upbeat stuff here too if you look for it.

Here are my choice recommendations.



You can also simply check out the complete music archive if you want! If you’re looking for something to make your study music even better, check out my cheap headphone recommendations.

Sources in the Greater Interwebz

Here is a non-comprehensive list of the places I frequent when I’m looking for awesome study music.  Note: I love getting recommendations from readers. If you find something great using these sites, I’d love it if you’d link me by posting it on the College Info Geek Facebook page or contacting me.

  • SputnikMusic – this is probably the best music review site on the internet. It’s completely community-driven, so anyone can write a review. However, the site also has a good amount of staff writers. Reviews are generally voted up based on how well-written they are, and the Sputnik community as a whole seems to have very good taste – they mostly like slightly obscure things, but don’t always bash the mainstream stuff. Be sure to check out user profiles and hit up the lists people make.
  • The MusicForConcentration Subreddit – this is a subreddit on that’s dedicated to study music. The community is only a month old, so there isn’t a lot of stuff posted there yet (about 15 items as of this writing) – but that could easily change if people like you joined!
  • The ChillMusic Subreddit – another subreddit that I love. ChillMusic has a much bigger community and alot more content. It’s restricted to the chill genre, but that’s one of the best ones for studying in my opinion. The members also have a well-updated Grooveshark playlist that reflects ChillMusic’s front page. Other great genre-specific subreddits include r/psybient, r/ambientmusic, r/classicalmusic, and r/gamemusic.
  • Last.FM communities – these are great places to get recommendations from like-minded people. The one I’ve linked to is called People Who Listen To Music When They’re Sleeping, Especially At Times When They Shouldn’t Be Asleep But Are Too Tired To Stay Awake.
  • YouTube. Seriously, YouTube’s sidebar recommendations are awesome. Just look up something you like and start clicking related videos. You’ll find some awesome stuff.

I think that’s a good start! Hopefully you can find some great stuff using these links. I’ll be back next week with a regular Study Music review!