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Study Music: Vessels – “Helioscope”

Let’s talk post-rock.

Post-rock is a genre that’s been well-represented here at College Info Geek. That’s for good reason; the genre’s mostly instrumental nature and generally balanced level of relaxation and energy make it perfect for studying.

Last year I reviewed two fantastic post-rock albums – one by maybeshewill and one by sleepmakewaves. Today, I bring you another.

Helioscope is the latest offering by UK post-rock outfit Vessels, and while it’s not completely instrumental, it is completely awesome. Filled with an upbeat, yet reserved blend of great drumming, soothing guitar lines, and the peaks and valleys you’d expect from a good post-rock album, Helioscope is an album without a weak point. You can simply turn it on and expect to enjoy the whole thing.

The vocals on this album are pretty good as well. I tend to prefer the sections that are completely instrumental, but the vocal sections definitely aren’t unwelcome.

Overall, this album is great. I’m going to be a man of few words about it and just say listen to it!

If you like what you hear, you can pick up Helioscope on iTunes or Amazon, and show your support for these guys on Facebook.