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Energetic Music: Zircon – “Fittest OST”

Hmm, how to start this review off….

This album kicks more ass than a size 15 steel-toed boot attached to rocket-powered Roomba zooming through a My Chemical Romance concert. 

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Remember my post about Black Friday, and what the only thing I bought on that day was? If you need a reminder, it was the epic Indie Game Music Bundle. While the bundle is no longer up for sale, the website is still there. For some reason, I decided to check it out recently and saw that they had added a few more albums to the bundle after I bought my copy. One of these albums was the Return All Robots! soundtrack, which was created by an artist named Zircon.

While that soundtrack was pretty awesome, I ended up finding something a bit more… energetic. This week’s album is the soundtrack he produced immediately before that one – a soundtrack for the indie Xbox Live game Fittest. This is actually the third soundtrack to an Xbox game I’ve reviewed (the first being the one for the Scott Pilgrim game and the second being the one for Bastion), and while I have no idea how good the actual Fittest game is, I will firmly say that this soundtrack is all kinds of awesome.

The Fittest Original Soundtrack is simply a work of upbeat art, filled with trancy piano passages, catchy breakbeats, lots of cool synth lines, and a whole lot more. The soundtrack pays homage to video game soundtracks of the past; artist Zircon cites Mega Man, Contra, and Dance Dance Revolution, to name a few. All the songs are completely instrumental, and in my opinion the soundtrack works for both your study sessions and your hardcore gym sessions alike.

This album is 14 tracks long, and with the exception of three tracks, all of them are over five minutes in length. In total, the album clocks in at around an hour, and – the best part – it only costs $5. This is why I love Bandcamp, people. Another reason, which you can probably see above, is that I’ve discovered that you can embed Bandcamp songs in blog posts! So, of course, you should hit the play button and give this a listen or two; the whole thing’s up for streaming.

If you like it, definitely support the artist by grabbing a copy at Bandcamp or liking his Facebook page.