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Study Album of the Week: City and Colour – “Sometimes”

I am not a huge fan of Alexisonfire. However, that band’s singer sure knows how to put together an acoustic side project. Dallas Green’s (City and Colour, get it?) solo debut is nothing short of a perfect album to study to.

The limelight of the album is taken by Green’s fantastic voice and acoustic guitar. Other elements that I heard during my approximately 27 listens were multiple vocal harmonies and some piano lines. There isn’t a single song on the album that’s fast paced at all – it’s simply a relaxing album that anyone can like.

Songs like “Day Old Hate” and “Coming Home” are melancholic and beautiful, and the rest of the album usually holds up to the standard set by them as well. While the album doesn’t have a whole lot of variation between tracks, it’s one of those albums you can just put on to let you forget the world.

If you haven’t heard of City and Colour, check out the included playlist. If you’re so inclined you can like him on Facebook and support him by buying the album.

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