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Impress Recruiters and Get Hired

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

My first real job involved walking for miles in 100+ degree heat and pulling the tops off of corn stalks. It’s called detasseling.

One interesting tidbit about detasseling: You want the job? It’s yours.

Seriously, anyone who was over 14 and wanted to work was guaranteed a job. It paid better than other jobs for the few weeks during the summer it lasted, and my boss even threw a pool party for the people who lasted those few weeks without quitting.

This is because a lot of teenagers are actually huge wimps and quit, often on Day 1.

I liked detasseling, but it’s a poor representation of how most jobs work.

Most jobs are a stray scrap of meat being thrown to a sea of hungry dogs – except that you and the other dogs are spread out over miles of forest, and you have to know exactly where the meat was thrown.

Oh, and it turns out the meat was thrown up to a tree branch and you need to learn the skill of climbing with your paws to get it.

Put in more realistic terms, jobs are competitive. You need certain skills to get them, credentials to get your foot in the door, and the ability to network and build relationships in order to get on a recruiter’s radar in the first place.

One of my main focuses on this site is preparing you for this crazy meat-scavenging circus act we call job hunting.

This is a hub page that’ll guide you to the best articles on College Info Geek for learning how to get internships and jobs. Of course, more will be added regularly.

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