How to Find a Mentor (Ep. 203)

Ready for the next level, but not sure how to get there? Maybe you need to find yourself a mentor.

With their seemingly limitless experience, knowledge, and skill for their craft, a good mentor can be an essential stepping stone on the path to your potential. They can also provide a much-needed second set of eyes for filling in your blindspots and pointing out weaknesses.

So, where exactly do you find this mentor? Maybe we can get you a step closer with today’s episode.

Until then, you can always make use of my favorite mentor: books.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:06:09 – What exactly is a mentor
  • 0:20:08 – How to and how not to find mentors
  • 0:32:22 – Mastermind groups (or Jedi councils)
  • 0:37:59 – Criticisms on certain aspects of social media
  • 0:45:46 – Conclusion

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How to Find a Mentor

Martin Boehme is a web developer, language nerd, and Nintendo fanboy. Talk to him in English, Spanish, French, or very basic Japanese on Twitter.

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Tom you’re not alone. I consider Martine my mentor too 😀 I mean his ideas has changed my school life and personal life as well.
Also, I see Martin as “research translator”
Like whenever I read a poorly translated research online I always wish of having someone (like Martin) that can understand the concept and the claim then carefully select the most suitable words to be in the translated text.

Good luck for both of you guys 🙂

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