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Our Winding Career Paths (Ep. 268)

Careers can look like they might be a straight line from start to finish. At least, from the outside.

Something like this:

  1. Figure out what you want to do
  2. Major in it in college or go to a vocational school.
  3. Get the perfect first job, or else you’ve thrown everything else off and your life is ruined.
  4. Profit?

But really, it’s a lot more messy and confusing than that. So, to prove it, we’re talking about the varied experiences that led us to what we’re doing now, many of which didn’t seem to be leading anywhere in particular when we experienced them.

If you’re unsure where your future lies or you’re worried you’ve started off on the wrong foot, never fear: you’re probably just as terrible at predicting your future as the rest of us.

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:01:20 – Announcement: The podcast will become bi-weekly
  • 0:18:02 – How we would describe our careers
  • 0:21:59 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:24:19 – Sponsor: Skillshare (Learning new skills)
  • 0:26:49 – Thomas’ career path
  • 0:36:03 – Martin’s career path
  • 0:48:55 – Building College Info Geek and making it a full-time business
  • 1:03:58 – Conclusion

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