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Career Fairs and Networking Events (Ep. 233)

Every time we meet someone new, we roll the mystical dice of life.

Will we fall in love with this person? Will they inspire us to wear better socks?

Or, perhaps, will they nudge us just a little closer to the life we want to live?

If you want an internship, a job, or just the chance to talk about yourself at a few interviews, the career fair’s a great place to roll the dice a few times. It’s not often that we’ll run into so many people involved in our career field at the same time, so the odds are in our favor if we’re willing to make the most of it.

Of course, this works the same way for every other meet-up, convention, or book club we find ourselves in. So, if you’re past the career fair stage of your existence, don’t forget to shake things up a little anyway.

At the very least, how else are you going to meet people to play Mario Party with?

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:10:20 – Why go to Career Fairs
  • 0:13:40 – Dressing up and showing off your work
  • 0:25:46 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:27:50 – Sponsor: Hover (Buying a domain name)
  • 0:31:37 – Researching the companies you’re interested in
  • 0:34:39 – Practicing with other companies before talking to the ones you like
  • 0:39:27 – Why go to networking events and conferences
  • 0:57:23 – How to find new events
  • 0:58:57 – Recap and conclusion

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Career Fairs and Networking Events