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Creating An Efficient Workspace

As an information systems major, I’m obliged to have an exorbitant amount of computer hardware. I mean, if I was toting around nothing but a macbook, I’d be the laughing stock of my hallway. That just wouldn’t fly.

So, when I arrived at college, I spend the better part of my freshman year turning my desk into a command center of epic proportions.¬†It was only near the end that I realized that what I’d created was hindering me; my entire desk was devoted to my computer.

Now, obviously there is at least a little bit of paperwork in college; therefore, a desk completely devoted to my computer wasn’t really an ideal setup.

So I set out to create a more efficient workspace.

In the interest of creating a more efficient and clutter-free workspace, the first thing I did was go out and buy another monitor. Sarcasm aside, a second monitor really is a big help (more on that in a post to come).

Secondly, I created a very simple shelf for the monitors to sit on, placing it where my obtrusive bookshelf had been in the past.

Now I can slide my keyboard and laptop under it, leaving almost two-thirds of my desk available for books, notes, homework, and various snacks (healthy of course).

Here’s the before and after shots of my workspace for comparison:

Before –

Before desk setup

After –

After desk setup

Other workspace resources:

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How have you set up your workspace? Tell me about it in the comments!