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Ransom Patterson — Editor in Chief

If you’d asked my college freshman self what I’d be doing in five years, I’d have said something like, “Getting my Ph.D.”

But then, one fateful evening in March 2014, I discovered this guest post from Thomas on the Nerd Fitness blog. As great guest posts are supposed to, it led me back to the website you’re now reading (though it looked a little different back then). I soon began listening to the podcast, commenting on articles, and emailing back and forth with Thomas.

Early in my sophomore year, Thomas asked if I’d be interested in writing a guest post for College Info Geek. I accepted, and things soon turned into an ongoing writing gig. I abandoned the idea of pursuing post-college education, and I started freelancing full-time when I graduated in May 2017.

As College Info Geek has grown and changed, so has my role. I now manage our team of awesome writers, plan SEO strategy, and work closely with Martin to make this website as useful as possible. My LinkedIn profile says, “Editor in Chief,” but I wear a lot of different hats.

When I’m not working on CIG, you’ll find me bouldering, sipping/brewing beer, and exploring Denver, CO, on foot or bike. I’m also on a quest to visit every state in the U.S. (currently at 42/50). I (infrequently) write about travel, self-employment, and other random topics over on my personal blog. I definitely overuse parentheticals (if you couldn’t tell).

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