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Defeat Procrastination By Scheduling High-Density Fun Into Your Day

I have friends who almost never let themselves do the really fun things they want to do during the semester.

They’ll talk about how much they want to play a certain game or watch a new movie, but when I suggest that they just go play it, they’ll say:

“I really can’t; I have way too much homework and I’d feel guilty.”

Five minutes later, though, I’ll see them scrolling through their Facebook feed.

I call this low-density fun. Scrolling through your news feed or watching a few funny videos on YouTube is easy, and it’s sort of fun to do. However, because it’s so easy and feels so unlike “real” fun, it’s easy to not feel guilty about it – which leads to a lot of procrastination.

The solution? Commit to having your high-density fun. If you want to play a video game later, commit to starting it at 8 p.m. Then, make sure all your work is done by then.

Let your high-density fun create a deadline that propels you into focused work.

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Video Notes

How "high-density" fun can help you get things done and reduce your stress
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  • If your high-density fun involves going out to the bars, here’s how you can save a ton of money

To end, here’s a simple question for you – what high-density fun are you going to schedule into your day now? I think I’ll be playing some Civilization V tonight.

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