Social Skills: How to Be Confident in Social Situations (Ep. 181)

Few skills have as much of an effect on your happiness as social skills. So naturally, they’re a little more difficult than they seem.

If you related all too well as soon as you read the word ‘difficult,’ don’t feel too bad — I’m a blatant introvert, and I was never much of a natural at this stuff either. I’m still not, really, but someone keeps forgetting and letting me say things on camera.

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What Are the Alternatives to College? (Ep. 180)

You may have noticed already, but it turns out we talk quite a bit about college on this podcast. It’s the first word in our name, after all.

We’ve broadened our horizons a bit since the beginning, though, so not all of you are in college or even planning on going. And that’s okay, because today we’re talking about a few other paths to success that big university doesn’t want you to know. Or something like that.

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How to Be a Good Significant Other (Ep. 177)

If there’s one thing that the majority of humans can agree on, it’s that dating other humans is pretty cool.

In one of our more recent episodes, we touched a little on this topic, but after quite a few requests it became clear that for whatever reason, people wanted to hear more about what many consider one of the most important aspects of our lives. Weird.

With that in mind, Thomas and I decided to have a very candid episode about our relationship experiences, our romantic ideals, and a few of the mistakes we’ve made in our own relationships.

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How to Actually Use Productivity Tips and Improve Your Life (Ep. 176)

Gurus, gurus, everywhere, but not a spot to think.

If you’ve ever tried to find productivity advice on the internet, including from us, you may have noticed that there are a million different pathways to becoming the new, improved, successful you.

Unfortunately, neither you nor I have the time to read 10 books, implement 13 new habits by next week, finish our projects on time, and get those 19-pack abs.

Productivity tips are a great tool, but just like every other tool, you need to know how to use them.

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