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14 Ways to Spend Your Time in College (Ep. 198)

Classes may seem like they go on forever when you’re drifting off in your lecture class, going over summer plans for the 18th time, but it turns out four years really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things.

With that in mind, we decided to talk about some of the ways people choose to spend one of the most memorable periods of their lives.

Looking back at my own experience, there are quite a few things I know I didn’t take advantage of — so while I work on making up for that in my post-college life, throw this week’s episode up on the big screen, pour yourself a nice champagne flute of triple-strength Kool-Aid™, and get inspired to go make the most of your time in school.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:09:10 – Choosing majors and doing extra activities
  • 0:16:52 – Joining clubs and managing your free time
  • 0:23:52 – Committees and not putting everything in your resume
  • 0:26:59 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:29:13 – On-campus events, the Career Fair and dressing up
  • 0:35:23 – Working part-time jobs
  • 0:40:41 – Studying abroad
  • 0:41:42 – Doing volunteer work
  • 0:44:06 – Entrepreneurship and freelance projects
  • 0:45:20 – The honors program
  • 0:49:58 – Joining honor societies
  • 0:51:53 – Fraternities and sororities
  • 0:55:48 – Searching for scholarships
  • 0:57:21 – Independent learning projects
  • 0:59:52 – Romantic relationships
  • 1:02:27 – Making time for doing fun things
  • 1:06:28 – Conclusion

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14 Ways to Spend Your Time in College