Study Advice From A Medical Student (Ep. 26)

RyanWhat’s the path of a medical student like?

How many billions of hours do they have to spend studying while the rest of us are at football games or, in my case, playing Mario Kart?

Today I’m talking with my friend Ryan Nguyen to get those questions answered (though he has the same last name as Vincent, a previous guest on the podcast, he’s not related). Ryan is a medical student in his 7th year since starting undergrad, and he’s also a previous College Info Geek writer!

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a doctor, this episode is for you. Even if that’s not a subject you’re interested in, Ryan has some great advice on two key subjects that every student needs to be well-versed in:

  • Efficient studying – Ryan talks about his techniques for learning tons of information quickly and doing well on tests.
  • Standing out in a competitive environment – you’ll learn how he was accepted to 6 different medical schools, even though he didn’t have a top GPA.

Things mentioned in this episode:

Resources of the Week: At the beginning of each episode, I briefly feature one tool I’ve found to be useful, as well as one learning resource I’ve found enlightening.

  • The Tool: – a cool bookmarking service that lets you treat bookmarks like to-dos. No more 500 open browser tabs!
  • The Learning Resource: The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter – probably my favorite book on motivation (and a short read, too).

Listener Tip of the Week This week’s listener tip comes from Robbie Williford, who has actually been on the podcast before. Thanks Robbie! Check out the episode to hear his tip.

“Hey, I have a great tip too!” – you

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A few great quotes from our conversation:

“Embrace active learning and try turning all of your lecture notes into questions.” | Tweet This

“If you try to do everything at once, you end up doing none of it.” | Tweet This

“Aim to wake up every morning with a defined mission.” | Tweet This

“Extracurricular experiences are a lot more interesting to talk about than your GPA.” | Tweet This

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Carbon attaches to other atoms at a low energy level (meaning the bonds are very stable), and with few energetic problems (meaning it balances the 2, 3, or 4 atoms attached to it so they don’t repel each other, which again makes molecules of carbon stable). I’m a Chemistry major, so image the pain of Org Chem – for all your classes – and it only gets worse lol Regards to your guest, Med School is no joke either!


Ow my ears… Did he give his interview from the freeway? Loved the podcast up until the med student joined in. I discovered your YouTube channel during winter break. You inspired me to be the best nursing student I can be. This was actually my first go at your podcast after discovering it on “Pocket Casts” yesterday. I’ll try a different episode. This interview isn’t really earbuds friendly 😖


I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I’m just going to assume that it’s awesome (Is that safe?). I want to go into pediatrics, so I’m hoping this will be really useful for me. I love your blog and your podcasts and a most of your stuff is relevant to pretty much everyone in general, but I’m glad to see something aimed specifically at medical students. Thanks!


Thank you so much for such a nice mix of study tips for us, mbbs students…


Medical school is a rough road to travel … this podcast has tons of useful info that will make traveling along it that much easier … excellent work gents!

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