Finding a Part-Time Job in College (Ep. 67)

CIG PodcastLining your pockets with some extra cash while you’re in college isn’t as difficult as you might think.

I started my working life at the tender age of 14 by spending a summer trudging through muddy cornfields, pulling the tops of corn plants off and throwing them on the ground. Sometimes (mostly when writer’s block has set in), I kinda miss that job. Mostly, I don’t.

Since then, though, I’ve had a total of 11 part-time jobs, 1 full-time summer internship, 3 freelance positions, and I’ve also built one company (this one).

With that experience, I’m going to use today’s episode to help you find a part-time job.

In this episode, we’ll look at:

  • Where to look for part-time jobs
  • What your job options are
  • The “Job Desirability” hierarchy I came up with as a student
  • On-campus vs. off-campus jobs
  • Work-study details
  • How to manage your time and balance a job with your schedule

If you’re looking for a way to potentially lighten your student debt load while you’re in college, or you just want to have some extra cash for mature, responsible weekend activities, this episode should be of some help.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  1. About Work Study, in my experience it can be extremly easy to get a job under two conditions:
    You take initiative, and you go about it early.
    I am about to start my freshman year at Emory University, and so, in end of June, I just looked at research in the department I am (probably) majoring in, chose a professor, and sent an email asking if I could work with them for their research. To it I attached my resume, and did essentially a brief cover letter in the email (mentioning elements of her research), and she answered yes, so I have a job lined up before I even get to campus.

  2. With a little bit of hard work, your life at college can be so much fuller … all without begging Mom and Dad for $$$ all the time … great episode!

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