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How I Landed an Internship Without an Interview (Ep. 65)

How I Landed an Internship Without an Interview (Ep. 65)

Why would a company hire someone without interviewing them?

This is the story of how (and why) a company decided to do that with me.

It happened early on during a week where I had several interviews scheduled with other companies. I get a phone call, and then I hear:

“Hi, Thomas. We’ve decided that we don’t really need to interview you to make our decision – we’d like to offer you a summer internship!”

Luckily, this was the company I had wanted to intern at for months. I said yes immediately (against that part of my brain that said to compare the pay from other companies), and promptly started my first full-time, corporate work experience that following summer.

In this episode, I’ll share the story of how I got to that point. I’ll also boil my experience down into 7 tips that’ll help you get hired more easily as well.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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