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How I Create Videos – Part 2: Editing and Publishing (Ep. 61)

How I Create Videos – Part 2: Editing and PublishingToday we’re wrapping up my two-episode mini-series on my video creation process (here’s the first), and I’ll be walking you through how I actually edit my videos and get them up on YouTube.

Editing starts with a couple of preliminary passes where I chop up the footage, sync the audio, and remove bad takes.

After that, I’ll start the process of creating graphics, animations, screencasts, and other B-roll. Once editing’s done, it’s time to publish!

This episode also goes a bit into some of the things I do to create shortcuts in this process, which makes everything more efficient.

Things mentioned in this episode:

Want more cool stuff? You can find all sorts of great tools at my Resources page.

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