A Debate on Speed Reading (Ep. 74)

Zach SextonI’ve done a lot of research on speed reading in the past couple of weeks.

Coincidentally, so has my friend Zach Sexton (who was on the show back in episode 28) – though, as it turns out, we’ve been coming at it from opposite angles.

Zach has been trying to read more books, so he’s been looking into techniques for increasing his reading speed. On the other hand, I’ve been interested in speed reading for several years – but recently, I came across some research that debunks a lot of speed reading claims.

I’ll be synthesizing a lot of that research for this week’s upcoming video, but when Zach and I had our monthly Skype call on Friday, we got to talking about what we were learning. Since we seemed to be on opposing sides, we decided it would be cool to do a little debate on speed reading as a companion to the video.

So here it is. Can you actually increase your reading speed? Can it be increased by leaps and bounds, or are there only marginal gains to be had? Is there common ground Zach and I can stand on?

Listen the episode and find out 🙂

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  1. I’ve always been interested in speed reading, thanks for doing the “home work” for us. I’m not going to a formal school but am a life long learner. Your note taking videos have helped in my Homeowners association (HOA) meetings. At 74 you can can still learn a lot. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yo Tom!

    It’s crazy how relevant some blog articles become right when I try something new. I JUST recently have been looking into how to read a bit faster so this came just in time.

    After looking into a few different sources on the topic, the thing that I am most comfortable with is just practicing. Taking time to regularly read will undoubtedly increase reading speed. This is evident in my life where my girlfriend is able to read probably more than twice as fast as me since she grew up reading a lot and I haven’t.

    Blog articles are one thing but when it comes to a book that I purchase, I want to read the whole thing so the skimming and selectively choosing sections isn’t for me. After all, it doesn’t feel right to me saying “a book I read” if I don’t read the whole thing and pay attention to the tone and little jokes within it.

    Does that make sense? Anyways, good episode and I look forward to the video to come out on the subject.


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