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5 Reader Questions! Study Tips, Bad Professors, And Work Music (Ep. 33)

Your college questions... answered by men in silly hats.Once per month, my roommate Martin and I get together to answer 5 questions from CIG readers.

I bet the Oracle from Aladdin 3 can’t boast that kind of frequency!

This month, we’re brining my girlfriend Anna into the mix. If you didn’t catch episode 32, Anna is a graphic design student and brings a non-business perspective to the podcast that’s much needed.

Also, her Shrek impersonations put mine to shame.

On this episode, we answer questions on studying notes more efficiently, dealing with bad professors, whether or not you should listen to music while studying, learning to be ok with a job you don’t love, and what personal traits we’d like to cultivate in our own lives.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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Resources of the Week:

At the beginning of each episode, I briefly feature one tool I’ve found to be useful, as well as one learning resource I’ve found enlightening.

  • The Tool: Ready for Zero is an awesome tool that helps you track your debt and pay it off more quickly.
  • The Learning Resource: My friends over at Asian Efficiency are writing in-depth articles every week on how to be more productive, so definitely check their work out.

Listener Tip of the Week

This week’s listener tip comes from reader Simon Wallstrom. Thanks Simon! Check out the episode to hear his tip.

“Hey, I have a great tip too!” – you

On every episode listener tip on each episode before I dive into the main content. Want to be featured on the podcast? I’m looking for tips in each of these categories:

  • General college tips – learning, studying, productivity, etc
  • Jobs and internships
  • Money management

If you’d like your tip featured on the show, email it or tweet it to me!

Also, remember to leave your name – and if you’d like me to give a shoutout to something of yours (your website, twitter profile, etc), mention that as well.

A couple great quotes from our conversation:

“Life is a journey of constant growth. If you think you’re done, you’ll only find bitterness.” | Tweet This

“The chili pepper rating on RateMyProfessors is important. I date all my professors.” | Why would you tweet this

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