Guest Post: Get Textbooks On The Cheap By Buying Used

This is a guest post by Amit Sehgal. You can find out more about him in the author bio below this post.

When one starts to buy textbooks, they will realize how expensive they are. Sometimes one might have to buy textbooks that were limited version prints; these can be very difficult to find. In addition to that, your lecturer might ask you to buy textbooks that are the older versions of the books that are available in the market. Old versions can also be difficult to find. The best place to find these rare and expensive books for cheap is the internet.


There’s a popular belief in college society that books used in one semester can’t be used again by somebody else because the contents become obsolete. Some older versions can have chapters or even sections missing when compared to the new editions; but this is rare. Typically, a very small amount of information is different between new and older versions of textbooks.

Another myth is that used textbooks are in unusable condition; in fact, most websites don’t accept books if they’re damaged beyond use. Only books in a condition close to new are accepted and the price is decided according to the general condition.


Some used textbook sites don’t sell or buy textbooks, but act as a place where textbook buyers and sellers can meet and arrange deals. Some of these sites also acquire data from other appropriate websites in order to make a wider range of options available to those who sell or buy textbooks. One can usually join these sites for free and change their account settings to notify them when preferred books are available, store personalized search criteria and find books they’re interested in. Online websites often have thousands of used books, rare books, limited edition books and old books for sale. The audience doesn’t consist of only students waiting to buy textbooks, but also collectors and bibliophiles from all over the world.


If you live in an area where good public libraries or bookstores that sell cheap college textbooks are not conveniently available, online used book stores will be exceptionally helpful to you; they offer you the same services no matter whether you live near the poles or at the equator! You would also save the time and effort of traveling to a faraway city in order to buy textbooks.


Most websites that sell used textbooks also buy textbooks from students. If a student that bought a book for a semester sees that he wouldn’t need it after the semester is over, he can sell it on the website or the site will at least let him contact someone else who will buy textbooks from him. Also, if you have lots of old textbooks in your cellar that only dust uses to gather on, you can sell those too! You will not only earn money but also gather good karma in making cheaper textbooks available for those who are being kept from getting a good education because of the prices of books.

Amit runs, a great site for finding and comparing used textbook prices.

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