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How to Create an Exercise Routine… and Stick to It (Ep. 158)

Today’s the day. The day you finally show the world your corporeal might and start your new exercise regimen.

Unfortunately, as much as you’d love to head on over to the gym for a healthy serving of squats and oats, you can’t help but notice a few things:

  • You’re busy this morning
  • You really didn’t get enough sleep last night
  • The gym is packed
  • You forgot to clean your gym shorts
  • You can’t find your headphones
  • Also infinite other things because life is hard

So, honestly, tomorrow would probably be a better day to start things out. A clean slate!

Except that’s obviously not true, you filthy, filthy procrastinator.

It’s time to turn off the all-powerful excuse machine and get to work, because today we’re going to talk about how to create a new workout routine and actually stick to it.

Let’s get swole.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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How to Create an Exercise Routine... and Stick to It