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A Day In My Life (Ep. 53)

A Day in My LifeWondering what it’s like to live the life of a person who does… well, whatever it is that I do?

Well, wonder no more, friends. Today, I decided to shake things up a bit by doing an episode that goes through an average “day in the life” for me.

We’ll go through my wake-up process and morning routine, how I plan my day out, what I actually do to create everything on this site, and talk a bit about what I do after work.

As a heads up, I decided to do this episode while on a drive in my car – so the audio’s a bit different. I think it turned out pretty good for an iPhone recording, though.

I’ll be in NYC later this week and most of next week, by the way  – which means that next week’s video may also be done iPhone-style 😉

Also, since this episode focuses quite heavily on the planning that goes into my daily schedule, you might be interested in my entire planning process. Here’s the video I mentioned that goes over the whole thing!

Things mentioned in this episode:

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