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What Are the Alternatives to College? (Ep. 180)

You may have noticed already, but it turns out we talk quite a bit about college on this podcast. It’s the first word in our name, after all.

We’ve broadened our horizons a bit since the beginning, though, so not all of you are in college or even planning on going. And that’s okay, because today we’re talking about a few other paths to success that big university doesn’t want you to know. Or something like that.

Specifically, we talk a bit about community college, trade schools, certifications, and the newer coding bootcamp trend. This list isn’t exhaustive, though; it’s missing other potential launching pads like entrepreneurship, volunteer work, gap years spent working, realty, and military service.

It may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry too much — with the right planning, any one of these or countless others can serve as the perfect starting place for a successful, happy life.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:01:41 – A good alternative to college and to get career education
  • 0:11:22 – Definition and costs of trade schools and community colleges
  • 0:19:00 – Becoming a well-rounded person and learning by yourself
  • 0:24:23 – Vocational schools and more “hands on” professions
  • 0:31:33 – Opting for online certifications
  • 0:35:34 – Testing out of classes in college
  • 0:37:31 – Learning skills through coding bootcamps
  • 0:44:33 – Free alternatives to coding bootcamps and landing a job
  • 0:46:41 – Going to community college first and transferring credits
  • 0:50:47 – Recap and conclusion

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What Are the Alternatives to College?