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How to Test out of College Courses (Ep. 49)

JayWhat do you do when you’re going into your 4th year of college – and then you school tells you the rest of your classes are unavailable?

You test out of them, save thousands of dollars, and graduate a semester early – that’s what you do.

Or, at least, that’s what my friend Jay Cross did.

Jay found himself in this situation as he was readying to complete his senior year. His school had no idea when they’d offer the classes he needed again; they didn’t really make it seem like they cared either.

Instead of waiting around, though, Jay started taking stock of his options – and found out about tons of opportunities for testing out of classes. By utilizing these opportunities, he finished his entire senior year in a single semester, and he saved thousands in the process.

Now, Jay runs Do It Yourself Degree, a website that teaches other students how to do the same thing.

So, if you’re looking to cut the time you spend in school, save money, and waste less hours sitting in class, give this episode a listen.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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