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From Failing Classes to Graduating with Honors (Ep. 68)

clarissaEvery time I get an email from a student who failed a class or a test and wants to know if they’ll ever be successful, the first thing I write is this: Failure exists in the past.

Some failures follow you. Some can restrict your future choices. But most don’t spell game over. Failing a class – heck, even an entire semester – is something that can be recovered from with new habits, better study strategies, and a better work ethic.

Case in point – Clarissa Rodriguez graduated high school (which came easy to her) and ended up failing classes all throughout her first three years of college.

When she asked an adviser for help with her situation, she got some very unhelpful advice: Quit your program and do something else.

That was the point where she turned it around. Clarissa’s dream was to become a nurse, and when she heard those words, she decided to make some changes. She adopted new study methods, completely revamped her time management and organization systems… and then graduated with honors.

Today, Clarissa works as a nurse case manager and is gearing up to get her Master’s degree. She also helps other students learn how to improve their studying through blogging and creating YouTube videos.

In this episode, you’ll hear Clarissa’s story and learn about the study methods she adopted to go from a failing student to an honor graduate. Enjoy!

Things mentioned in this episode:

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