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8 Advanced Tips For Studying Effectively

All the introductory study advice you hear repeated over and over again – stuff like:

  • “Skim the chapter before lecture!”
  • “Sit up front so you pay attention!”
  • “Take notes only on important things!”

…it’s all useful, but it’s very basic. Being geeks, we like to dig further into topics we’re interested in – and study techniques are no different.

So, why not dive into some more advanced ways to become a more efficient studying machine? In this video, we’ll do just that.

We’ll look at something called the Corson Technique (a very handy way to make your professors like you), a memorization strategy used by memory champs, ways to hack Akrasia – your tendency to procrastinate on hard things – and more.

If you’re unable to see the video above, you can view it on YouTube.

Want Even More Study Tips?

10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades - Thomas Frank

Hopefully this list can give you some ways to study more efficiently – but maybe you’re also looking for a more comprehensive overview on how to earn better grades.

I just finished writing a book called 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less) and I’d like to share it with you for free.

The book covers topics like:

  • Defeating procrastination
  • Getting more out of your classes
  • Taking great notes
  • Reading your textbooks more efficiently

…and it also includes an entire chapter on specific study techniques.

The book also has a lot of recommendations for tools and other resources that can make your studying easier.

If you’d like a free copy of the book, let me know where I should send it:

I’ll also keep you updated about new posts and videos that come out on this blog (they’ll be just as good as this one or better) 🙂

Video Notes

8 tips for studying more effectively from a recent college grad!
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