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21 Ridiculous Ways To Annoy Your Roommate

If there’s one thing I’ve accomplished during my 2.3 years in college, it’s being witness to (and sometimes participant in) some awesome roommate pranks. Indeed, I’ve been somewhat of an expert on thinking up creative ways to make roommates rage. Here are some of the best I’ve come up with, seen, or heard about from friends.

  1. Hide one of their favorite things in a stupidly obvious spot, like right behind their computer monitor or under their bed cover. Then create a series of clues – at least 20 of them. Hide them all over campus, and give your roommate the first one. Enjoy starting a giant wild goose chase.
  2. Put a trollface in their monitor.
  3. If you’re both on a router and you’re the one with admin access, set up a policy that blocks an often-used website like Facebook and add their MAC address to it. Enable the policy and enjoy the rage. Bonus: For extra lulz, turn off the policy any time someone else tries to fix it. Turn it back on when your roommate thinks it’s fixed.
  4. Take a workout class that requires you to wake up at 5:00 AM and insist the only thing that can wake you up is Eye of the Tiger at full volume.
  5. Start a collection of empty pop cans in your windowsill. If your roommate doesn’t have a mental breakdown before it completely covers the window, you’re living with Foul Bachelor Frog.
  6. The moment right before your roommate falls asleep, turn on an electric razor. Do this every night for a month.
  7. Do your best Chewbacca impression at random intervals during the day. Bonus points if their significant other is in the room.
  8. Buy a ridiculous sound system and blast annoying Japanese pop music all the time.
  9. If you have an OCD roommate who alphabetizes all their DVDs in a book, pull out one of the first ones and shift all the rest back one slot. Lay the book out conspicuously.
  10. Find a movie your roommate hates and quote it incessantly. Learn to do all the voices accurately. I do this with The Dark Knight.
  11. Set up a hidden webcam pointed at your roommate and put the feed on UStream. Leave the room and make sure you close the door so they “know” nobody’s watching. Now give the link to your friends and have them start commenting on what your roommate is doing via text message.
  12. Get a piece of cardboard that’s the same dimensions as your roommate’s door. When they’re asleep, attach the cardboard to the door, leaving a 1-inch gap in between the two. Make sure the sides are covered as well. Now you have a choice: just be annoying and fill the gap with packing peanuts, or be totally evil and fill it with thousands of live crickets.
  13. Anytime you’re in public together, loudly ask your roommate, “Why don’t you ever hold my hand in public?!?”
  14. Take something non-essential from their desk and put it in Jell-O.
  15. Order 500 free boxes from USPS in their name.
  16. As shown in the featured image, make some sort of loud noise in their general vicinity.
  17. Switch their mouse buttons. If they aren’t computer literate, this can be really funny.
  18. If your roommate’s door is close to another one (either in an apartment or across the hall in a dorm), belt them together and enjoy the rage.
  19. Start playing World of Warcraft all the time (though the self-harm here may not be worth the trolling).
  20. If your roommate has a desktop with a keyboard that has no backlights or LEDs, unplug the keyboard from the computer. It’ll probably take them a while to figure it out.
  21. Get a Google Voice number and start texting them from it (you can do this from your computer). Mention things they’re currently doing, but make sure it doesn’t look like you’re the one texting. They’ll have no idea who it is. I did this to one of my friends during freshman year; it was one of the funniest things that’s happened since I came to college.
AWW YEAH. There’s my list of annoying stuff. Now go be annoying and stuff.