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University Q&A – Another Chat with My Friends Simon and Jamie (Ep. 130)

Simon, Jamie, and MeToday’s episode is a recording of a live stream chat I recently did with my friends Simon Clark and Jamie Miles.

Simon is a Ph.D. student in climate science at Exeter University, having done his undergrad at Oxford University – in fact, he and I chatted all about that experience in episode 108.

Jamie also attended Oxford; from there he went to work at Google for a while before transitioning to a startup called Onfido.

So, between Simon, Jamie, and myself, this episode will give you perspectives from a graduate student, a professional, and a bearded guy who makes silly videos for a living.

This particular live stream didn’t focus as intensely on one topic, so you’ll get our thoughts on a variety of things including:

  • Beating procrastination
  • Saving money as a student
  • Managing stress
  • Learning how to code
  • Personality types and StrengthsFinder
  • Our Hogwarts houses

…and lots more.

If you’d like, you can watch the video version of this chat right here:

Also, I’ve done live streams with them a few times in the past already; in fact, you might remember our “How to Become an Adult” chat that I published as episode 77 of this podcast. If you enjoy this one, you might like that one as well!

Things mentioned in this episode:

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University Q&A - Another Chat with My Friends Simon and Jamie