Radically Simplify Online Articles With Evernote Clearly

Productivity-minded students know that distractions are the primary culprit of poor study habits. “Suggested friends,” fancy sidebars, and ads promising you multiple iPad 2’s all have a certain way of distracting students from a task at hand. Face it, how many times have you went online to read an article, only to find yourself browsing through five completely unrelated websites an hour later? Distractions can be pesky things indeed.

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What Makes A Great Extracurricular?

“Can You Really Just Follow Your Dreams?”

For anyone who has been having trouble with finding “passion” in their career pursuits I highly recommend reading up on Cal Newport’s series on redefining the pursuit of passion. It’s a refreshing breath of air for those tired of hearing advice about “following your dreams.”

The crux of Newport’s argument is that passion and motivation are derived from self-improvement rather than from external factors such as landing a dream job. It’s a hard pill to swallow as the easier course of action is to blame things around us rather than to dig a little deeper and find the intrinsic source of a problem. Read More…

Lessons On Leadership: Allen Gannett and CampusSplash

Growing up, Allen Gannett was always fascinated with technology and education. At the age of 11, he jumped at the opportunity to design his first website, which he calls “a horrible old-school HTML news website for my grade school.”

Allen continued to dabble in projects growing up, but education remained his primary concern. In 2010, he had a revelation that “most of the problems we see in education, particularly around college access can be solved in a cost-efficient, scaleable way through technology.”

After putting together the initial concepts and plans to solve this problem, he met Anton, a fellow student interested in the cause, and the two co-founded their own company, CampusSplash. Read More…

Make The Most Out Of Office Hours

Office hours have been something of a little-known secret among successful college students. Sure, many students know about them, but few have taken the time to approach these “mystical times” of direct contact with professors. Whether out of fear, laziness, or ignorance, office hours continue to be under-utilized by the college population.

However, having studied study habits for the past two years, one of the most common themes I’ve seen among the most successful students has been their dedication to attending office hours.

Why such a disparity? Most college students struggle enough with going to class, so going to office hours is typically seen as a monumental struggle. “I have to take MORE time out of my schedule? Won’t it just serve me better to study by myself?

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Solve Roommate Debt Drama With Google Docs

After three years of living with a variety of different roommates, I understand how hectic it can get trying to make sure everyone is sharing an equal burden. Over a given school-year, cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes, and other house responsibilities fall by the way side, resulting in an apartment that resembles more of a disaster zone than a living space. What’s even more, with houses that have a different person handling each utility and house supplies, debts can be lost in the shuffle as well. Read More…

Why You Shouldn’t Take Summer School

This is the first post from Ryan Nguyen, one of our newest writers! Leave a comment and he promises he’ll try to say something witty back.

In elementary and high school, one would think those two words should be never be so close together. It seems though, that somewhere in the madness of college, students did a complete 180 and decided “summer” and “school” were long-separated lovers that needed to be right smack next to each other. At my college alone, roughly 40% of the student body is enrolled in summer classes. Read More…

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