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5 Reader Questions! Study Tactics, Healthy Eating, And More (Ep. 18)

Your college questions... answered by men in silly hats.Hey, you know what’s not boring? Trying new things.

So today we’re trying something new. Since this blog is pretty good-sized, I get a fair amount of questions emailed to me from readers. At the start of January, I also asked everyone on my newsletter if there were any questions I could help them answer – and the response was huge!

To be honest, my inbox is still full of questions I have yet to get to personally. And while I will get to them all at some point, I saw an opportunity here.

Why not create a podcast episode out of these questions? If one student is asking something, I’ll bet others want to know about it as well – especially when I’m seeing questions that I wish I had known the answers to in college.

That’s why this podcast episode is our first episode to be dedicated entirely to reader Q&A.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How to deal with a lack of motivation to care about your classwork
  • Strategies to increase your productivity
  • Eating healthy (and cheaply) when living off-campus
  • Whether or not you should study abroad – and another (possibly better) option
  • Transitioning from dorms to your own apartment
  • The fact that I am terrible at Super Mario 3D World

I’ve also brought on my friend, roommate, and fellow blogger Martin Boehme as a co-host for this episode.

Martin is a junior at Iowa State currently, and he’s done some awesome things during his college career – including starting his own blog, Powlyglot, which is all about learning languages.

In addition to providing another great perspective for each question, having a co-host makes the show more conversational and fun. If you like the format, let me know!

Items mentioned in this episode:

Things you should do right after listening:

  • If you have a question about college, careers, or – well, pretty much anything I guess – ask me! We might feature it on the next episode 🙂

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