5 Questions: Audio vs. Paper Books, iPad Pro for Students, and Motivation Tactics (Ep. 196)

We’re back again with five more questions, and we’ve come to give you five more answers.

In this week’s episode, we’ll be answering these fine questions:

  • Is the iPad Pro good for students?
  • How can I get my focus back after a Pomodoro break?
  • Are audio books as effective as paper (or Kindle) books?
  • How do you deal with scripts when you’re filming videos?
  • How do I get motivated if I’m generally unmotivated?

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:02:57 – Thoughts on the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil
  • 0:20:36 – Regaining focus after a Pomodoro break
  • 0:25:21 – The effectiveness of audiobooks vs reading them
  • 0:40:45 – How does Tom deal with scripts while filming videos
  • 0:45:43 – Finding motivation when you’re generally unmotivated
  • 0:52:53 – Hobbies and interests becoming part of your identity
  • 0:55:20 – Conclusion

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5 Questions: Audio vs. Paper Books, iPad Pro for Students, and Motivation Tactics (Ep. 196)

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