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5 Questions: Motivation Management, Sketchy Websites, and Why We Read Nonfiction (Ep. 127)

The College Info Geek PodcastIf you’ve felt an odd tingling sensation in the back of your head recently, it’s because we’ve been stealing reader questions straight from the source. Don’t worry, I promise we didn’t take anything else.

In this episode, we’re going to be talking a lot about reading and motivation, and a bit about research strategies. Specifically, we’ll be answering:

  • Why read nonfiction in 2016?
  • How can I carry over motivation from the evening into the next day?
  • How can I find the right time and place to read more?
  • Which resources can I trust on the internet?
  • How can I bounce back after losing focus?

If you’re still aching to have your questions answered and the mysterious brain tingle hasn’t come to you yet, you can help speed up the process by posting in the College Info Geek Community on Reddit!

Things mentioned in this episode:

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5 Questions: Motivation Management, Sketchy Websites, and Why You Should Read Nonfiction