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The Worst Thing You Can Do for Your Productivity (Ep. 91)

Chris BaileyBack in April of 2015, my friend Chris Bailey was on the show and we basically just geeked out about productivity the whole time.

Now it’s time for another round of that.

If you need a reminder, Chris is the man behind A Life of Productivity – which started out as a project called A Year of Productivity. During that first year, Chris turned down two job offers to spend 365 days experimenting with every productivity technique he could find, writing about the results along the way.

After trying dozens of planning systems, tracking his happiness, spending 30 hours meditating in one week, going a month drinking nothing but water, and doing plenty of other experiments, people started to take notice.

His project was featured on several other blogs and podcasts (which is how I found it), and eventually, Portfolio Penguin reached out and asked him to write a book about all he’d learned.

When Chris was last on the show, he was starting to write that book; today, The Productivity Project is finished and is on store shelves. As a guy with publishing goals of my own, I’m a little jealous. However, I’m also happy to say the book is pretty awesome, since I was fortunate enough to get to read an advanced copy.

Whether you want to dig into the book or not, I think you’ll find a lot of value in this conversation. Enjoy!

Things mentioned in this episode:

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