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Becoming A Web Designer Bro (Ep. 23)

Matt JaredToday I’m talking to my good friend Matt Jared, a freelance web designer and maker of cool things living in Austin, TX.

I met Matt when I attended the 2nd FU Weekend conference back in February, where we both spent a Topo Chico-fueled weekend getting lots of shit done.

I did lots of writing, and Matt managed to build his entire personal website over the course of the two days we were there.

Aside from his passion for web development, Matt also has a fun podcast called The Bro Journey, which is all about “Navigating adulthood – with of sports and pop culture references”. I’ve even been on it!

In this episode, Matt and I talk about his journey from college to becoming a freelance web designer, and how he learned all the skills that help him do his work.

Things mentioned in this episode:

A couple great quotes from our conversation:

“I’m building mage skills and ranger skills, even though I actually want to be a warrior.” | Tweet This

“The minute you start to take action and do stuff is the minute you get rewarded.” | Tweet This

“Focus, don’t just go for the prestige, and make things.” | Tweet This

What you should do right after listening:

  • Start planning out specific steps to reach your goal, and then get started. Make shit happen.

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