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Tips for Speeches and Presentations (Ep. 85)

John RamosPublic speaking is an essential skill for any student – but raw speaking ability alone does not make a great presentation.

Presentations are like any other form of media – books, movies, games – they require planning and careful crafting before they’re unleashed onto the world in order to truly be great.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with my friend John Ramos about how you can learn to craft a great presentation.

John is a medical student in Portugal and is also the founder of a blog called The Student Power, which covers topics similar to what you’ll find here on College Info Geek.

Additionally, John is the author of a new book called The Super Student’s Guide to Presentationswhich covers all the most important steps that go into crafting and delivering presentations:

  • Planning
  • Research and Resource Finding
  • Rehearsal
  • Actually speaking

…and more. John was nice enough to let me check out the book, and I found it both comprehensive and really nicely designed.

So for this episode, I wanted to dig into some of John’s presentation experience and ask him about some of the advice he put in the book.

If you want to learn how to become a better presenter, this episode is for you!

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