Goal-Setting, Grit, and Impossible Lists (Ep. 43)

JoelIf you’ve been following College Info Geek for longer than, say, a week… you’ve probably noticed my Impossible List up in the main menu.

What’s an Impossible List? For me, it’s my top-level system for goal setting and tracking. It’s also the tool that has probably made the greatest impact in my life out of any I use.

The direction and motivation to progress I’ve gotten from my list has helped me to pay off my student loans, travel to Japan, grow my business, read more, and reach new levels of fitness. It’s essentially what helps me level up as a person.

I didn’t invent the Impossible List concept, however. That honor goes to my friend Joel Runyon, who is the founder of ImpossibleHQ.

Through his own list, Joel went from graduating college and being unable to find a job in 2009 to owning a thriving business and running ultra marathons today.

Joel’s done some amazing things since creating his list and blog, including building a school in Guatemala, doing 100 push-ups in one set, climbing a volcano, and more.

Today, he’s embarking on a journey he calls the 777 Project – his personal challenge to run seven ultra marathons in seven countries in order to raise money to build seven more schools. In this episode, you’ll hear about Joel’s story and find out how he plans to achieve this goal.

Want to learn how to do the impossible? Want to learn how to get more grit and embrace discomfort? Listen to this episode.

Things mentioned in this episode:

Wondering where the Resources of the Week segment is? I’ve decided to use the 80/20 principle to enable myself to focus my attention completely on the things that matter, so I’ve trimmed it – but worry not, because you can find all sorts of great tools at my Resources page.

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  1. Man, Im very much inspired by you. U ‘ve really pushed urself beyond what others thinks are their limitations. Im happy to be your follower on UTUB channel,twitter and website!!! Thanks TF. 🙂

  2. Hi, This podcast is amazing and i thank you for all the time you put to this website because you are really helping alot of people in the world. is there any type of website or app that can help track smart goals? i have a ton of goals i want to write down but i want it to be very technical. For example, The Habita concept which to me is one if the best apps i’ve downloaded.

    Thanks for you time and i hope one day in the future ill get to meet you to get more inspired and ready for my new path to success ( God willing )

    Timothy Okorosobo

  3. Hi! First of all, my apologies for my English, since I come from Spain and I’m still improving it. I discovered your web this weekend and I’m absolutely impressed by all your work and all the effort behind it. I’ve just listened this podcast and I’m still processing it, because I’m at the same point in my life as Joel (it’s really hard to find a job in Spain and I tend to feel overwhelmed by this situation). Well, just wanted to say thank you, I’m going to put in practice some of your advice…and you’ve got a new subscriber!

    • Thank you, Judit! Really glad you like the site, and I’m pumped that you’re deciding to take action on this. Comment back with your progress in a while if you think about it!

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