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How to Plan Out Your Year (Ep. 200)

It’s almost March now, so you know what that means: it’s time to start your post-New Year’s-resolutions resolutions.

Well, not you, dear listener. I’m sure you’re doing just fine — but your friends probably need some help getting back on the wagon, right?

The main problem is that it’s not usually weakness that leads to failed resolutions. That’d be too easy. No matter how much you yell at yourself in the mirror every morning, pure self-discipline and willpower aren’t likely to cut it by themselves.

Even if they did, giving yourself a guilt-induced anxiety attack every morning would probably get tiring.

So, assuming you want to both accomplish things and at least mildly enjoy yourself while doing so, today we’re talking about how to plan your goals out a little more successfully.

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  • 0:05:07 – Making time for things you want to do
  • 0:18:16 – How to plan out your year in segments
  • 0:24:19 – Sponsor: Brilliant (Learning problem-solving skills)
  • 0:26:18 – Tom’s three-month reading challenge
  • 0:29:51 – How to track the progress on your goals
  • 0:36:55 – Planning for the future
  • 0:41:16 – Dealing with setbacks
  • 0:47:15 – Conclusion

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How to Plan Out Your Year